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We've Been Remodeling Kitchens, Baths & Houses In Baltimore Since 2010!

Although you may want to know about us, usually the real question is ”
Why Should I Use CH Home Remodeling“?

We’re glad you asked.

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About CH Home Remodeling

We Are Making Baltimore Beautiful

It All Comes Down To Who We Are As A General Contractor

Our Résumé

We are the Baltimore remodeling experts!

We’ve been remodeling homes since 2010

We are insured, licensed and good at what we do.

We have lots of experience.

Our History

Since childhood, Charlie has been remodeling homes with her family business. Now she is carrying on the tradition and making sure you get the high quality you deserve!

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Our Tools

Why should our tools make a difference? Because using the right tools, materials and even the right people (not going cheap!) means we can give you a better quality job and still, we save you a ton of money.

Plus we can do better work, faster. After all, isn’t that one of the main goals we all have?

Our Team

We have a team of carpenters, contractors and more that really gets home remodeling. They are qualified professionals that really strive to do their best work for you every day.

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Also, Our Reviews Are Stellar!

We can say a lot about ourselves, that is what this page is all about, but when it comes down to it, you want to trust that the company you choose to do your home remodeling knows what they are doing and treats you right. What better way to find that out than by reading our reviews, like the one below.

A Great Testimonial

Carter Hodge Construction has an extremely friendly and professional staff that does great quality work. I give them five stars ✨ all around the board.

Richard Beard, Baltimore

History of Charlie Hodge

Hi! I’m Charlie Hodge.

I am the owner of CH Home Remodeling Baltimore, aka Carter Hodge Construction, LLC.

I started this company back in 2010 after I bought several investment properties and needed a reliable general contractor for my properties. I wanted to just renovate them myself, but Baltimore requires all renovations to be done under license. Since I couldn’t find a contractor I wanted to work with, I decided to just go and get a license.

You see, I have been working on construction sites since I was very young. In fact I remember wiring a fuse box for my dad when he was renovating some of his brownstones up in the Bronx in NYC. I was 11.

Anyway, fast forward a few years and I am a property investor (as are many of my clients. The sinvestors need to remodel their properties, so they contract me! I love it!) and now I am a general contractor, too.

I love to build and I have collected a team of people I trust to help me. I put everyone that works for me through a vigorous vetting process so that you can have confidence in them, too.

Our goal is to provide beautiful, sensible, cost-effective building solutions to you. Our quality of service is unsurpassed and the experience each of us brings to the table will make your project go smoothly, too.

For your info, we adhere to the highest standards of excellence that exist in the industry therefore every inspection is guaranteed to pass.

Our Mission Statement

We live right here in Baltimore and we have a sincere desire to make it look as it really can be. We love the old neighborhoods that are stately, beautiful and well-established. We want to carry on that look and make Baltimore beautiful.

To that end  we:

  • Maintaining the highest level of honesty, integrity, and professionalism with our clients.
  • Achieve excellence in all our projects by paying to our customers’ needs. They are our top priority.
  • This service, though uncommon among contractors, is personalized and attentive to detail. You will love your finished project!

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Got Home Remodeling Questions?

Here Are Some Answers

What Services Do You Do?

This question would be easier by listing those things that we don’t do. If you look around your house, I have probably done it. I stay away from flooring except for tile flooring and installing wood flooring in Baltimore. I don’t like the other.

I remodel bathrooms, I remodel kitchens, I install trim work, including crown moulding, baseboards, wainscoting and more.

Carter Hodge Construction also frames walls, installs counters and lighting and so much more. If you give us a call we’ll be able to quote your project and make sure you get a great deal!

How Long Have You Been A Contractor?

I got my general contractor’s license back in 2010. I have been remodeling houses since long before then.

Do you hire subcontractors, too?

I have several crews of hired subcontractors that I have come to trust over the years. Their work is of the highest quality and I trust them implicitly. It takes a while to get on my approved list and I make sure that I or one of my core team inspect every project along the way to keep it’s quality standards high.